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4319 Monday St
Edinburg, TX 78542
Telephone #: (956) 900-4624
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  • Hello, I have a small engine that is leaking from where the sprocket is at its believe it may be a seal or O ring not sure. The engine is a 50cc engine that’s on a go kart. How much to fix it if you can?

    • rgvlawnmowerrepairs

      Sorry for taking long to reply. Required internal work (opening up engine) we don’t do internal, only minor repairs.

  • Do you open Sunday? I have a lawn mover not even a year old yet. It won’t start. There is gas in there already. Do you have a estimate on possible cost to get it fixed or would I have to bring it in first?

    • rgvlawnmowerrepairs

      Very sorry for late response, yes we are open on Sundays and you can either bring it in or we can pickup & drop off for a 25.00 fee.

  • I have a riding lawn mower Craftman that needs the actual mower unit worked on. Live in SB. I have another old Craftman lawn mower you can have In exchange for picking up the one we need fixe

    • rgvlawnmowerrepairs

      sorry for very late response, do not work on riding mowers you can call my brother now 956-414-5474 for assistance.

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